Monday, June 10, 2013

When It's Ready

As a gamer, I've noticed an unsettling trend as of late... Some developers have adopted [what I consider to be] a derisive approach to avoiding failed deadlines. I'm talking about having the launch date of: "When it's ready."
From EA's Mirror's Edge Trailer at E3 2013
Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer
Guild Wars 2 Developer Interview

Before I go any further; I get it. Fan-Gamers are some of the most difficult people on the planet to please. They're usually brash and demanding. And it doesn't help that their minds are spoken via social media and other impersonal methods. (Such as a blog post ;)

But if your job is selling video games, being snide to your customer base may not be the best approach to addressing launch date challenges. Yes, your fans are ruthless. So what do you do?

I say don't say anything.

That's right. When I ask you when your game is coming out and you answer "I'm sorry but I can't talk about it." it does two things:

1) It adds a layer of mystery to your product, increasing my anticipation.
2) It removes any anticipated deadline from my brain.

And this is exactly why I'm under the impression that Half Life 3 will be the best game of all time.

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