Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinterest for Boys

Everyone knows that most Pinterest users are female. At least I think they do... I wonder what age group of women? Here I am writing a blog post and I'm already distracted. One moment please...

Ok, as I was saying: Everyone knows that most Pinterest users are female women in the 25-34 age group. Why is that? Well if you really want to know, you can google it this time. I'm here to tell you why us manly dudes should be using it more often.

I have a few interests that make me boy-like. Cars. Trucks. Cute animals. So what if I want to keep a collection of those sweet rides and cute baby monkeys? Hang posters on my wall? Naw, man, naw. This isn't the 90's anymore. You put them on a Pinterest board. Why? Here's why. Ok... Here I go.

Before Pinterest, I used to save every damn thing I thought was cool that I found on the internet into folders on local drives. Oh, you're still doing that? Read on.

But there were a couple of problems. First of all, unless I spent way too much time organizing, the source of these images, movies and whatever media ("whatever media"- I like it) was lost. Sure, I found a cool looking car, or something- what if I wanted more? Well you'd get to start all over again looking for the stuff. Not fun. Not efficient. Pinterest boards are collections of "whatever media" that can link back to the source. Totally cool.

The next challenge with inconspicuous folders on a hard drive is it's not social. Sure there are ways to share that data, but Pinterest makes it easy.

"Hey bro, wanna see some badass movies?"

"Yeah, man. Hook me up." BAM!

So boys, stop playing Black Ops 2 and get on Pinterest. Your girlfriend will be proud of you.

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