Monday, June 18, 2012

Demoscene Compo/Filler

Oh hai there,

I've been quiet recently, but you know me (actually you probably don't); when I'm quiet online it's because I'm busy "in real life".

So recently a friend from Seattle invited me to make music for a demoscene competition. What's the demoscene you ask? Buy this DVD, or if you don't feel like spending money click here. (But really, you should spend money)

Here is the link to the prod on pouet:
And here is the browser version:

I have to thank Jim Scott (blackpawn) for letting me contribute my music to this prod. (I completed it in roughly 3 evenings after work) I look forward to our next collaboration!

Also, thank you Peter Hajba (Skaven) for your help over the years. It was your work that originally inspired me to "pick up" a tracker (Scream Tracker) and see what kind of noise I could make with it.

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