Monday, December 12, 2011

OneNote for iPad Now Available

If you're like me, you've been using OneNote for iPhone on your iPad. While not ideal, it got the job done.

OneNote for iPad
Well the iPad-native app is out now and it's pretty much just that. Same features, just adjusted to fit the resolution of the device.

Initially I was a little disappointed; but you know what? It still does a great job of eliminating the need for pen and paper note-taking during meetings. I've never really needed more functionality until I'm at my desk anyway. And since I use Skydrive sync, my notes are always up to date on both platforms.

If you have an iPad - go grab it in the app store! It's free!


All of my notes are fully synced now and I just noticed a nice little zinger that Microsoft has thrown into the mix. Your first 500 notes are free. After that, you're required to spend $14.99 via IAP to continue using this fine piece of software.

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