Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Legendary Zelda

So after watching an IGN review of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I've decided to go stand in line for a copy this November 20th, 2011. Although the brilliant service known as OnLive will likely some day exterminate this fine tradition, I find myself feeling quite kid-like at the moment.

I know this follows my scathing blog on Nintendo's recent decision making. And indeed, I've been quite annoyed recently. Annoyed enough to decide to skip Nintendo's latest take on the Zelda universe... Until I saw this video:

"The best Zelda ever made" you say? That's a bold statement, as the reviewer acknowledges. And judging from his voice, I'd say he probably is not old enough to have played the original Zelda or A Link to the Past when they first came to market. As such, I highly doubt that this will truly be the best Zelda ever made; but a perfect 10 score is something that always gets my attention. This game will undoubtedly be amazing.

I hope Nintendo has more surprises for me in store.

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