Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Boy and His Blog

Once upon a time there was a bard, whom met a fair maiden. They proceeded to hook up and make babies. They exposed the babies to music, science fiction, the Intel 80386 and Nintendo Entertainment System. One of the babies grew into a boy that quickly learned the importance of money.

The boy used nearly every dollar that he earned on software such as Hugo's House of Horrors, Dune IICommander Keen and The Legend of Zelda. He became quite infatuated with these activities, indeed.

One day, the bard and maiden decided to move their family from the silicon valley to the silicon forest.

And that is where our story begins...

When I was growing up, geek was not chic. So much of my time was spent in the depths of my family home, nestled in a quiet culdesac of the Portland area. It was a safe place to create digital artwork, chat with friends I'd never met via pre-internet era Bulletin Board System's, and of course; play a crap-ton of video games.

As alluded to, these were socially unacceptable activities at the time.

Music surely could not be purely generated from a Personal Computer. Nor could arranged pixels be considered art. And certainly if you spent your free time slaying monsters for experience points you were a devil-worshipping introvert with Attention Deficit Disorder.

It kind of blows my mind - the contrast of being made fun of by jocks, or shunned by teachers during my childhood; to the business person of today that raids dungeons in World of Warcraft with his clients.

And that's what this blog is going to be about: My perspective of digital art and culture. How we got here and where it's going. If that sounds too linear, you need not worry; there'll be plenty of side quests.

The bard and fair maiden eventually divorced, but the boy understands.

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